The getting ready photos are first to be viewed in your beautifully curated wedding gallery. Although, this part of the wedding is often overlooked in aesthetics. Here are some tips to help your creative team capture the best getting ready photos on your wedding day.

Starting the night before, steam or iron everything that could have wrinkles or creases; your wedding gown, bridesmaid’s robes, dresses, vail, and other clothing should be steamed and wrinkle free. It’s one less thing to worry about having done in the chaos of your wedding day.

Getting ready photos

Take care of any of any remaining evidence of last nights’ celebrations; throw away pizza boxes/take-out containers, cups, water bottles, and misc trash before your creative team arrives.

The hair and make up artist/s will be pictured in your wedding gallery. If it is a friend or relative with the honor of assisting you in getting ready on the day of your wedding, give them a heads up. Let the H/MUA know they need to be ready to be photographed as soon as they arrive on site to help everyone else. 

Getting Ready DetailsHave all the wedding details ready to be photographed; invites, rings, jewelry, shoes, florals, and other accessories should be kept together. This helps so you don’t have to gather things for your photographer when you could be getting ready.

Jordan valley barn houseJordan valley barn houseTry to keep everyone’s belonging’s contained to one area that is mostly out of sight. Be aware that anywhere the bride or groom are hanging out is going to be photographed heavily. It is challenging to work around duffle bags that are spilling out  belongings. I strategically frame my shots to crop out distractions. When the room is clean, I am not limited by my angles. This freedom helps so I can be more intentional about capturing reactions, and genuine moments without distractions.

Getting Ready PhotosDon’t forget to have a nice hanger for the wedding dress to hang on, then coordinate the bridesmaids dresses to have matching hangers too. I love the custom or wood hangers, but it doesn’t have to be anything super fancy. Matching plastic hangers work too.

Let the photographer know if there are going to be any special moments taking place. This could be sharing letters, exchanging gifts, or like the photo above, when Ashley shared a prayer with her best women. I send out a questionnaire before your wedding so I can be prepared for anything you know about. Verbal communication works on the day of your wedding too.

Ultimately, don’t forget to let your personality shine. Watch the big game with your guys, and take time for a few rounds in your favorite game. Share drinks with your bridesmaids, and dance to the songs you love. There are no rules for how to experience your wedding day. I hope these tips help it go a little more smooth though.

gamer groom on wedding day