Traverse City Senior Photographer | Lauren’s Sunflower Session in Williamsburg

Lauren specifically wanted the sunflowers for her senior session. She had been keeping an eye on them all year. She knew right when they bloomed that we needed to book a session to capture them before they withered away for the year. It happens fast once they open until they start to droop. So on Monday, we set up her session for 2 days from then. The day of her senior session, the weather was perfect. The smoke hadn’t quite reached us completely from the fires out West and in Canada so the little haze we did get created dreamy, warm lighting. I felt so blessed that she chose me as her senior photographer for her Traverse City Session. Traverse City Senior PhotographerWe had fun running around the sunflowers and getting creative with the field to ourselves and captured these beautiful photos to remember this time in her life before she sets off to college. Take a look at our session on a beautiful summer day in the sunflowers.