Andrew and Savannah’s Traverse City summer proposal on Lake Michigan.

Traverse City is the perfect location for a summer proposal, and I’d love to be the photographer there to document the occasion. When Andrew reached out to me in the spring with plans to propose to Savannah while they were on vacation this summer in Traverse City, I was excited to hear more about his vision. We talked on the phone, then planned to meet up at Old Mission Lighthouse at sunset for him to pop the question after they had a whole weekend of exploring Traverse City. Savannah had no clue that their casual summer day in Traverse City was going to end with Andrew getting down on one knee to propose on a beautiful beach overlooking the Grand Traverse Bay.

Although surprised, the yes to his proposal came easy. These two were ready to celebrate this special occasion.

Traverse city summer proposal photographerSavannah’s excited yes to Andrew’s proposal was followed up with some gifts. I revealed the bottle of champagne, and bouquet made by Amy Kate Designs I had stashed in a nearby bush. I loved gathering these extra gifts to bring for the session. These two explored the Old Mission beach with me until the summer sun dipped lower in the sky. Finally when the sun kissed the horizon, it faded into a warm summer night. Savannah, Andrew, and I said said goodbye and headed off in different directions. “We will be in touch when we get our wedding planned so we can have you there,” they told me. I was excited to hear them say that, and can’t wait to hear more about their future wedding plans.

They went into Traverse City to spend the rest of their summer night celebrating this special day downtown.