A Perfect Country Wedding: Savannah and Andrew at Tullymore Golf Course

Springtime at Tullymore Golf Course provided the perfect backdrop for Savannah and Andrew’s country-themed wedding. The blend of elegance and rustic charm made their special day truly unforgettable.

The weather was an unexpected delight. Despite being early spring, the temperature soared to a pleasant 75 degrees, creating an ideal setting for an outdoor celebration. The sky alternated between bright sunshine and soft, overcast clouds. This added a dynamic touch to the day’s ambiance.

Starting with their private vows without exchanging looks.

Andrew embraced a classic country look, donning an all-black ensemble highlighted by a bolo tie with bone accents. His attire exuded sophistication with a rugged edge, perfectly complementing the theme of the wedding. Savannah, radiant as ever, wore matching bone earrings and cowgirl boots. Her own style added a unique, personal touch to her outfit. Her beautiful lace dress, featuring a long, flowing train, brought a sense of timeless elegance to her cowgirl boots.

The ceremony took place against the lush greenery of Tullymore, with the golf course providing a picturesque landscape that enhanced the romantic atmosphere. The combination of Savannah’s lace dress fluttering in the gentle breeze and Andrew’s strikingly dark attire created a captivating scene that felt straight out of a country fairy tale.

Tullymore Golf Course

A Sunny Ceremony

As the couple exchanged vows, the mixture of sun and clouds played beautifully with the lighting, creating a natural spotlight on their heartfelt moments. Guests enjoyed the warm weather; they soaked in the serene surroundings while celebrating the love and commitment shared by Savannah and Andrew.

After the ceremony, the reception carried on the country theme, with rustic decorations, wooden accents, and a relaxed, joyful vibe. The newlyweds shared their first dance under the warm touch of the sun on their skin, surrounded by friends and family who cheered them on. The celebration was filled with laughter, dancing, and the kind of heartfelt moments that make weddings unforgettable.

Tullymore Golf CourseSavannah and Andrew’s wedding at Tullymore Golf Course was a perfect blend of style, nature, and love. It was an honor to capture their special day, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness and adventure together.