Are you dreaming of a West Michigan Waterfall Wedding?

Imagine saying “I do” amidst the serene beauty of a Michigan waterfall. That’s exactly what Sam and Bryce experienced during their magical winter elopement. As Pajas and I journeyed 3 1/2 hours north to the UP in December, our anticipation for snow was met with a surprise – the absence of the usual thick blanket of snow this time of year. Yet, the Northern Michigan landscape retained its allure, with a subtle charm that whispered of the season’s magic.

West Michigan Winter Waterfall WeddingUndeterred by the lack of snow for Sam and Bryce’s winter wedding, we swiftly set about creating an ethereal setting for the ceremony. A hexagon altar, adorned with delicate white tulle, along with the soft glow of countless tea light candles.

Pajas graced Sam’s wrists with floral adornments, adding a touch of natural elegance to her attire. Bryce, too, was bestowed with a floral accent, a watch adorned with the same delicate blooms. As the day transitioned into the magical blue hour, we prepared to capture the essence of this intimate celebration. Pajas also took on the role of officiant for their intimate ceremony. The setting was truly magical, with candles casting a warm and intimate ambiance upon the scene. Behind the couple, the waterfall provided a stunning backdrop.West Michigan Waterfall Wedding

West Michigan Waterfall WeddingsSam and Bryce exchanged vows against the backdrop of the waterfall, surrounded by the soft glow of candlelight. In that moment, nothing else mattered except the two of them and the commitment they were making to each other. Before darkness had entirely set in, the couple cut their cake. We cleaned up, packed the setting back into our car and began our drive back home. Excitedly buzzing about the evening.

Primrose Party CoAs we journeyed back to the lower peninsula, my cameras filled with memories, Pajas and I couldn’t help but feel grateful for being part of such a magical day.

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